I have 2 variables


and I have one Directory in my system /opt/web/C70/MBA/

How can I go to this directory using variables

for example cd /opt/web/$VAL1/$VAL2

How can I extract the particular text from variable in shell script?


The answer of @Anthon is perfectly correct, though it implies a bit too much typing IMO. I suggest defining a shell (bash) function named (eg.) "mycd" as a wrapper:

function mycd {
  cd /opt/web/${VAL1:0:3}/${VAL2:0:3}

Now, no matter whatever values the variables $VAR1 and $VAR1 currently have, calling this function will change directory to the expected location.

Try the following example in a running bash terminal, hitting ENTER at the end of each input line window):

user% cd; pwd
user% function mycd { cd /opt/web/${VAL1:0:3}/${VAL2:0:3} }
user% export VAL1="C70AN"; export VAL2="MBA30"
user% mycd
user% pwd

This example of course requires the existence of the directory tree "/opt/web/C70/MBA" to work. If this ist not the case, you will receive an error message like

bash: cd: /opt/web/C70/MBA: file or directory not found

This result is still a prove for the correct work of the "mycd" function as it tries to change to the calculated directory - which does not (yet) exist.

HTH, too

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