I'm building a linux DE called MXLDE(Modern X Lightweight Desktop Environment) using a combination based on openbox window manager if all goes according to plan for my os Modern X at modernxblog.wordpress.com

Please tell me what is the best somewhat lightweight linux distro can be installed in virtualbox and has a similar package selection to openSUSE or Ubuntu.

Thank you to all who answer.


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I would use Debian

  • It is pretty lightweight see here
  • It is an universal operating system and a lot of other distro are based on Debian so whatever you develop on Debian. it will be easier to port on other distro and even other platform (ARM,RISC, and other)
  • It can be install without DE or even X sever so you will have no issue developing your own Linux DE
  • It has a really good package choice and package manager
  • It is well maintained and pretty stable

For all this reasons it would be my choice

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