I'm new to CentOS (always used ubuntu and similar) and I am trying to compile some latex code here for the first time. So there's a big list of .sty that are needed.

I was able to install some by hand since I found them using yum search, but others aren't available in the CentOS's repos (like upquote.sty). I know I could download them from CTAN manually, but I can't practically do this for the whole list. Is there a way to add the 'texlive-collection' to which the .sty belongs, add it to the repo and download it?



upquote.sty at least is in the Centos 6 repo, so could be installed via the texlive-texmf-latex-2007-39.el6_7.noarch package.

$ sudo yum whatprovides '*/upquote.sty'
texlive-texmf-latex-2007-39.el6_7.noarch : Texmf files needed for 
Filename    : /usr/share/texmf/tex/latex/upquote/upquote.sty

If the vintage of texlive offered in the vendor packages is too out of date, then installing the latest version to some not-vendor directory (e.g. your home dir) will be a better option; with the latest version comes the tlmgr utility, to which a list of *.sty files could easily be fed:

$ cat pkglist
$ tlmgr install `perl -ple 's/.sty//' pkglist`
tlmgr: package repository http://...
tlmgr install: package already present: noto
tlmgr install: package already present: upquote
  • That package isn't available anymore. Also, upquote was just an example. I'd like to find a general method that will work on other packages as well. – TomCho Oct 27 '16 at 22:44

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