Create a filename containing newline character:

$ touch $'a\nb'

When i do vim ., the filename split into multiline: enter image description here

I can only select one line and press enter. Then it act as new file and show this line at the bottom of vim:

"~/note/test/b" [New File] 

I think about Shift+v but can't make it work. Even x (Open gedit for this file) function is broken.

How can i select multiline filename in vim's Netrw Directory Listing ?


The netrw plugin (at least partially) parses the output of remote commands (ls) to build the directory tree, and it internally mangles that information into the directory scratch buffer.

Support for such special characters isn't implemented yet; you can write the plugin's author, Charles Campbell, and suggest this enhancement. (Or even better, try to write a patch and submit this to him!)

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