Is it possible to configure a wacom intuos button with xsetwacom in a way that pressing that button enables/disables the touch function?

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You can enable and disable touch with the following command:

xsetwacom --set 'Touch device name' Touch on

To map it to buttons, see this answer. Basically you map the tablet button to a keyboard key and then map that to a command. You can do the first with xsetwacom and the latter in the Gnome shortcuts settings.

To toggle the state, you can use --get and check if it is on or off. The following uses a hacky grep to misuse it as if statement:

(xsetwacom get 'Wacom Intuos Pro M (WL) Finger touch' Touch | grep -q off) && (xsetwacom set 'Wacom Intuos Pro M (WL) Finger touch' Touch on) || (xsetwacom set 'Wacom Intuos Pro M (WL) Finger touch' Touch off)

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