I use vim.gtk3 . to navigate current directory in Netrw Directory Listing view.

enter image description here

I know I can press x to act like xdg-open. I also know I can press - to navigate to parent directory.

But if I press Enter on mp4 binary file, it will show in binary view: enter image description here

Or if I press Enter on a C text file, it will show in normal code view: enter image description here

At this point (binaries or code view), how to use shortcut key and get back to previous Netrw Directory Listing page? I pressed - and it doesn't work. I have to type :q to quit the entire vim.gtk3.

Is it possible go back directory listing page from text view after pressed Enter in Netrw Directory Listing?


According to the vim wiki you should be able to do it with Ctrl+^ however it doesn't work on my system, it will only alternate between files. You can pull up a fresh explorer via :Explore or :e .

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