With systemd some things changed. So instead of tailing a specific file, I could now use journalctl to access the journal.

However, in /etc/systemd/journald.conf under [Journal] the option Storage=persistent seems to conflict with ForwardToSyslog=yes.

My intention here would be to enable the use of journalctl for the more recent events, say within a predefined period of a few days (e.g. MaxRetentionSec=1month) but also forward all events to my syslogd instance.

However, using journalctl -xe I can see that those messages that made it to syslogd definitely didn't make it to the persistent systemd journal.

How can I enable such a mode, i.e. to log into the persistent system journal and forward to syslogd?

# systemd --version
systemd 229

I'm not sure about your conclusion. Though I only have version 219, I see the same lines appearing in my /var/log/messages through syslog, as in the output of sudo journalctl --follow, for example when I do an ssh or logger -p kern.err abc or stop a service with systemctl.

I am using the default journald.conf of Storage=auto (which is similar to persistent when you have a directory /var/log/journal) and ForwardToSyslog=yes, with rsyslogd.

Note, you need to sudo journalctl to be able to read all the logs.

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    You do not actually need to sudo. You need to be a member of the systemd-journal group.
    – JdeBP
    Dec 9 '17 at 18:55

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