I didn't know where to ask this question, so I decided to ask it here.

I think all of you know TrueCrypt, and that something weird happened to it some time ago. In the light of those events at least two TC's forks were created: VeraCrypt and ZuluCrypt.

Those who are using the Debian distro know that TrueCrypt never made its way to the official Debian repository. I don't know really why, but since TC is gone, let's focus on the two forks. For now only ZuluCrypt is in the main Debian repository. But what about VeraCrypt? There's no VeraCrypt in the new package queue. So it looks like it's not going to be added to the repository at all, and the question is why? Is something wrong with the software?

  • You could also consider asking it at Information Security – sashoalm Oct 26 '16 at 11:04
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    @sashoalm No, this question isn't related to security. It's purely about the Debian project. – Gilles Oct 27 '16 at 22:56

ZuluCrypt is not a fork, it's "a front end to cryptsetup and tcplay and it allows easy management of encrypted block devices".

VeraCrypt on the other hand, is indeed a fork and thus has parts under the strange TrueCrypt license and as such won't be part the repository for the same reasons TrueCrypt wasn't.

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