Ok, so this has been fun to diagnose but I've learned a bit about LVM and brushed up on my MDADM, so overall not a bad day!

What I'm trying to accomplish is migrate 2 external enclosures with multiple 2 devices MDADM RAID1 mirros setup underneath of a giant LVM.


sda + sdb = 2TB in RAID1 with mdadm = /dev/md1
sdc + sdd = 2TB in RAID1 with mdadm = /dev/md2

VolGroup = /dev/md1 /dev/md2
Logical Volume = 100% of Available Space in VG

I have tested without mdadm and been successful with simply using the following:

Old Server:

umount vggroup
vgchange -a n vggroup
vgexport vggroup

New Server:

vgimport vggroup
vgchange -a n vggroup

But with the underlying mdadm I just get nothing with pvscan... Any suggestions?


Durp, the new server didn't have MDADM installed. Once I installed the drivers, pvscan saw the Volume Group. Ugh.. although this was my fault and dumb, I am not a fan of LVM + MDADM + External Enclosures!


Also after install mdadm, I used the following (before pvscan, so I can't be sure!), not sure if thats what helped as well, but I'm done testing this for now!

sudo mdadm --assemble --scan

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