How do I find module implementing a net interface, when there is no device at /sys/class/net/eth0?

ls /sys/class/net/eth0/
addr_assign_type  carrier           iflink            speed
addr_len          dev_id            link_mode         statistics/
address           dormant           mtu               subsystem@
brforward         duplex            netdev_group      tx_queue_len
bridge/           flags             operstate         type
brif/             ifalias           power/            uevent
broadcast         ifindex           queues/

The dev_id seems promising at first but the dev_id for eth0 is the same as for lo, the loopback interface.

The "linux" I'm dealing with seems modern enough (having a 3.3.x kernel) but it doesn't align in this particular detail with the descriptions I've seen, which apparently support things like lspci and other handy but rarely-used utilities.

I've read this popular, related question but its answer relies on the device symlink which the system in question doesn't have.


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