Whenever I accidentally make an error entering my password to decrypt my disks grub drops me into the resuce shell. Is there a way to have it so that grub just asks me to try again? Similarly to how the kernel does it with an unencrypted /boot. If not what are the rescue commands to have grub ask me again? At this point I just hard reset the system to re-enter my password which while it works...is slightly annoying.

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To retry you can run cryptomount hd0,gpt2 in the rescue shell. After you successfully enter your password you can then continue the boot by doing insmod normal followed by normal which will load grub into normal mode and should get you to your grub boot menu and Linux. If anyone has another answer that involves an automated re-prompt in the event of failure I'd greatly appreciate it but as this does solve my issue and is better than rebooting the system I'll leave this here.

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