When I copy a file using reflink option, e.g.,

cp --reflink foo bar

how and what stage in execution of cp determines if the underneath file system supports COW. I tried looking into coreutils/src/cp.c but couldn't find the specific system call/ ioctl or any other method which determines COW capability and accordingly proceeds for cp execution / reports error:

cp: failed to clone 'bar' from 'foo': Bad address

In short, I am looking for how resolution of --reflink=auto option happens.


The code calls a function called clone_file if the reflink option is set to “always” or “auto”, and falls back to copying if reflink is “always” (and goes directly to copying if reflink is off). clone_file calls the BTRFS_IOC_CLONE ioctl. So there's no testing whether the system supports copy-on-write, it just attempts the BTRFS method.

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