dns-options can be changed for connection name myname to the value value using

 nmcli con modify myname ipv4.dns-options value

Using interactive mode, I get a short description of what dns-options does.

nmcli> describe ipv4.dns-options

=== [dns-options] ===
[NM property description]
Array of DNS options. NULL means that the options are unset and left at the default. In this case NetworkManager will use default options. This is distinct from an empty list of properties.

Question: What are the value of dns-options field and what is the purpose of dns-option?


From some digging around in the NetworkManager source tree (libnm-core/nm-setting-ip-config.c and look for NDOTS) and knowledge of resolv.conf(5), the options appear to be the same options that can be set in /etc/resolv.conf, such as

-bash-4.2$ grep options /etc/resolv.conf 
options rotate
options timeout:1
options attempts:3

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