I use debian jessie.
I want to print 2 jpeg files on one side of a paper.

$ lpr -o number-up=2 foo1.jpg foo2.jpg    

This command printed only 1 jpeg file on one side of a paper.
How should I do?


maybe this could help you after install imagemagick

and then, try this;

 montage foo1.jpg foo2.jpg montage.jpg | lpr -o number-up=2  montage.jpg
  • Thanks, @Mustafa. But as to montage, the above command yields a file of very poor quality. $ montage -tile 2x1 -geometry 480x640 foo1.jpg foo2.jpg foo_montaged.jpg is good. And $ lpr -o number-up=2 montage.jpg prints just as $ lpr montage.jpg – user121832 Oct 25 '16 at 2:05

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