To install an OS, the official raspberry pi site proposes to run

dd bs=4M if=myiso of=/dev/sdb

followed by

pkill -USR1 -n -x dd

In order to show the progress.

Executing this last command, I do not have any output.

Why do I have any output and how can I monitor dd with pkill?

PS: Text from site

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The dd command need to be run in the background (i.e. with an ending &) or in another window in order to be able to be monitored. As written, the pkill command is launched after dd has completed its job.

Otherwise, you might run pgrep dd to see if it is still running.


The output is displayed only in the pts/tty when you launched the command for example I'm on tty5

dd launched on tty5      
pkill launched on tty5
the ouput is on tty5

Now i'm on pts/4

dd launched on tty5      
pkill launched on pts/4
the ouput is still on tty5

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