I am using tinycore Linux which does not have networkmanager.

It is my understanding that networkmanager is what runs /etc/network/interfaces

Is there some other way to execute the network setup that is in /etc/network/interfaces?

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    AFAIK the network setup defined by the /etc/network/interfaces file is managed by the older networking service, and is separate from the newer NetworkManager service (which has its own configuration files). I'm not familiar with tinycore, but t is usually the ifup and ifdown commands that are used to bring up / take down the interfaces defined in /etc/network/interfaces - try man ifup – steeldriver Oct 22 '16 at 0:52

/etc/network/interfaces is the location for system network connections on Debian and derivatives. It is read by the commands in the ifupdown package: ifup and ifdown. The interfaces man page explains the basics of the file and the Debian manual explains in more details. If you've configured an interface in /etc/network/interfaces, run the ifup command to bring it up, e.g. ifup eth0.

NetworkManager does not process /etc/network/interfaces. Modern versions actually read it, but only to avoid touching the interfaces listed there.

Tiny Core Linux does not normally use /etc/network/interfaces. As far as I know (I'm not a Core user) you're supposed to run ifconfig or a DHCP client directly from the startup scripts (the installer does it for you). If you've installed ifupdown (on the dCore version?), then ifup is the command you're looking for, but otherwise /etc/network/interfaces isn't used.

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