I'd like be able to use systemd to reboot a system nicely at first, but with a pretty short timeout which, if exceeded, forces a reboot (perhaps with something like /proc/sysrq-trigger). It looked like all the pieces were there do this. I made a target that looks like this:

Description=My Forceful Reboot

I could start or isolate this target and the system would attempt a graceful reboot and force a reboot if needed. It doesn't appear to work and it's been tricky to debug. I'm able to reboot the machine in other ways, and journalctl shows that services are being shutdown, but the reboot never happens.

Also, if reboot-immediate (which seems to use the reboot(2) system call) isn't forceful enough, can I somehow use /proc/sysrq-trigger?

Thanks for any help,

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