I have a PDF created with Quark Xpress where some raster images are shown with thin white lines across them. Searching around I have found that the problem is due to the way PDFs readers apply partial transparencies, see http://indesignsecrets.com/when-you-see-thin-white-lines-in-your-pdf-files.php.

The suggested solution is to either 1) turning off the "Smooth images" setting in Acrobat Reader or 2) ignore the problem because it will print just fine. Solution 1 requires efforts from the readers and is thus not practicable. Solution 2 is also not applicable to my case because these PDFs will be mostly (or only) be seen on monitors and not printed.

I tried to flatten the images using the answers given to question Is there a way to flatten a .pdf image from the command line? but to no avail:

  • the convert method removes the white lines but converts all the text into a big raster image;
  • the pdf2ps | ps2pdf and gv methods do not remove the white lines (I suppose that poppler and gv have a switch equivalent to the "Smooth images" setting of Acrobat Reader, but I could not find it).

How can I post-process the PDFs so that the parts with raster images are flattened and no white lines appear any more?

  • Did you find any solution for this @gioele? we are facing the same difficulty. – Anil Sivadas Aug 22 '18 at 6:40

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