I need to escape \n from the message. I can do this with "rewrite" but the problem is I have many log paths and I do not want to specify "rewrite" on all log paths. Is there a global way of setting a rewrite?

# Escape the new line characters
rewrite r_escape_new_line {subst("\n", "#012", value("MSG"), flags("global"));};
log { source(s_system); filter(f_critical); rewrite(r_escape_new_line); destination(d_critical); };
log { source(s_system); filter(f_error); rewrite(r_escape_new_line); destination(d_error); };
log { source(s_system); filter(f_warning); rewrite(r_escape_new_line); destination(d_warning); };

Try to add the flags(no-multi-line) option to your source definition, like:

source s_src {


If this does not work, then you can embed the rewrite into the source definition using a channel. The syslog-ng administrator guide has a similar example, you only have to replace the parser with the rewrite.


  • flags(no-multi-line) worked like a charm! Thanks. – Umut Oct 20 '16 at 8:35

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