My Logitech G600 recently developed a double-click problem after about 1.5 year of use and I think it's time for a new mouse.

I use Linux primarily, and I'd like to get a mouse with at least 10 buttons that has native Linux support. Currently my G600 works well with Linux but if I want to remap the keys or change some settings I need to log back into Windows. So I'm looking for something that has a native Linux app.

I'm open to all brands, does anyone know if such mice exist?


Check out libratbag's hardware database; this shows which devices are supported by libratbag, which allows gaming features to be managed (including profiles, buttons etc.). It's still early in its life, but it is useful to determine how usable a given mouse is likely to be. (To actually configure a mouse, you'd use ratbagd and its associated ratbagctl, and Piper.)

Currently supported devices include some Etekcity mice, many Logitech mice, some Roccat mice and G.Skill's MX-780. Razer mice aren't supported, and that appears unlikely to change. Your G600 probably would work, if the appropriate identifiers were added to the hardware database!

This obviously doesn't replace hands-on experience. I can ask libratbag's author, he has quite a collection now...

  • Mostly supports the G600 as of today; doesn't support the GShift mode properly yet. – Iiridayn Feb 8 at 3:09

I've checked the libratbag device database and whilst there is an entry for G600, it's just a placeholder entry.

I've stumbled upon this project on github today and this looks much more promising. You do have to login to the Logitech Gaming Software on Windows / OSX first and ensure some mouse buttons are set to default before compiling/running the script on Linux.


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