I'm trying to install EasyCwmp on an OpenWrt installation running as a virtual box, make is used in the installation process.

but when I type make in the shell, it says /bin/ash: make: not found

so I downloaded gnu make and extracted it, but in its installation guide inside its INSTALL file it says:

  1. Type 'make' to compile the package.

and obviously currently there is no make to compile the package.

I also doesn't get the /path/to/openwrt/package/ in EasyCwmp installation


Openwrt was never meant to have build-essentials like package, you will probably have to build EasyCwmp using the SDK

This is no easy task, but if you are interested you can use the tutorial to create your own package here

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In the top level there is a shell script build.sh. The comments at the start read

# Shell script to build GNU Make in the absence of any 'make' program.
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