I am using the following command to open up an x11vnc server on boot within crontab -e

@reboot /usr/bin/x11vnc -bg -reopen -forever

It works perfectly, but I would like to see if the following can be done...

  • Specify which vnc port it uses. For example, 5910.
  • Specify a resolution to use (it's currently quite small on my screen

I have looked at the documentation for all their flags but can't see anything that helps me so far, unless I am missing something.

  • Do you know you can create a service for vncserver? – m3nda Mar 30 '18 at 20:19

As per manual page, to specify VNC port to listen on, you can use -rfbport str option. Or use -autoport n to automatically probe for a free VNC port starting at n (e.g. 5900).

To specify the resolution, you can use -clip WxH+X+Y option to show only the sub-region of the full display. If it's too small, use -scale fraction or -geometry WxH to scale the framebuffer (e.g. -geometry 1024x768 or -scale 0.9x0.75).

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