There are many solutions to link things in one figure in applications. However, I would like to link windows in Gebian Gnome

  1. open one window etc from Gnome Overview/...
  2. the second window opens at the same time

I am thinking if such procedure is technically is possible in Debian and Gnome. I would like to create such a procedure etc in MATLAB.

Currently, I am just programmatically organising windows to different locations initially when created.

OS: Debian 8.5 64 bit
Window manager: Gnome 3.14
Linux kernel: 4.6 backports
Hardware: Asus Zenbook UX303UA
Client app where wanted to apply: MATLAB 2016b


I think this can be a future feature in the coming release, but it cannot be reached itself in Gnome 3.14 now. Next Gnome release is coming at about Q1 of 2017. I think it can help the situation.

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