I've successfully been able to configure the latest Firefox (source) without errors. All the required dependencies are in place (i.e. GCC 4.9.2 via devtoolset-3, Python 2.7, Yasm, libffi 3.2.1, and on). When I run ./mach build it also successfully configures and starts makeing the binaries... then after about 24 minutes it chokes on

24:40.15 /home/osboxes/firefox-50.0b7/gfx/thebes/gfxFontconfigFonts.cpp: In member function ‘virtual already_AddRefed<gfxFont> gfxPangoFontGroup::FindFontForChar(uint32_t, uint32_t, uint32_t, gfxFontGroup::Script, gfxFont*, uint8_t*)’:
24:40.15 /home/osboxes/firefox-50.0b7/gfx/thebes/gfxFontconfigFonts.cpp:1628:66: error: ‘g_unicode_script_from_iso15924’ was not declared in this scope
24:40.15        (const PangoScript)g_unicode_script_from_iso15924(scriptTag);
24:40.15                                                                   ^

The pertinent part being

‘g_unicode_script_from_iso15924’ was not declared in this scope

I searched online for this error first and the only reference to this is a fixed bug in v52 (ref) which isn't even in the sources repo at this time. This isn't a bug.

How to compile Firefox 50 for a system using GLibc 2.12?

Solved: I discovered that g_unicode_script_from_iso15924 is a new symbol in GLib 2.30 (ref). Glib needs to be updated to at least version 2.30.


That's not a symbol in glibc, it's a symbol in GLib. If you build and install GLib 2.30 or later, you should be able to build Firefox 50.

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