I have VirtualBox 5.1.6 Installed on Mac OS Sierra, And I have CentOS 7 1511 like Guest, and I'm using KDE Environment Desktop.

Running the Virtual Machine, the Mouse works perfectly. But Sometimes, later of time working with The Mouse and interacting with it, the mouse is not responding to click Events. But I can see it.

1) How Can I close CentOS with Keyboard (KDE Environment Desktop)? (remember my Keyboard for MAC), I want to know the combination of Key /Shortkeys for Gain Access to Menu of Toolbar.

2) How Can I to Check the Events (where is located log) related to this issue?

3) How Can I recover Mouse Integration?


  • Select Linux Virtual Machine: CentOS 7 1511
  • Secondary Click -> Settings
  • Select System Tab -> Motherboard
  • Set Value USB Tablet or USB Multi-Touch Tablet for Pointing Device field!

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