Currently, I'm dualbooting Ubuntu 16.04 and windows 10. I use ubuntu for work, which means I generally dont boot into windows until the weekend. This works ok, but I game on windows, and sometimes it would be nice to take a short gaming break during the week without having to deal with rebooting my system.

I have an unused machine which already has windows on it sitting next to me. Is there any way I can set this up so that I can just access my windows machine from my linux machine through a window (with low latency) such that when Im done gaming, I can just minimize the window and carry on with my work? I understand that the next best solution would be to have multiple inputs to my monitor and use a kvm switch, but I just wanted to check and see if there was a more convenient solution.


Even I am a frequent user of remote desktop at my home network, I do not recommend to use it for gaming, since it's very expensive (in networking) to have a decent update rate. Bear in mind that if you use more colors in the image (16M colors), more time it'll take to transmit a single frame. In my personal experiences, I use no more than 256 colors to have a near-live desktop transmission; it may be ugly, but at least I can receive updates in real-time.

If you want to give it a try anyways, you can use UltraVNC Server on Windows and use Vinagre on Ubuntu to send and receive images respectively. And I'd give a try using a crossover UTP cable to achieve more speed between sender and receiver (e.g. not using a router/switcher, using a pure P2P network).

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