I recently moved my site from Wordpress to confluence, and I'm having trouble with page redirects. Ive setup a custom 404 page for my Confluence, but it only works if you type


But if you go to an old link, like


It takes you to my "confluence" page, but the /wiki is a special plugin that I want to be the public facing side. I access the page via a different subdomain then www.

My "workaround" would be one of two things,

1) Redirect all https://www.freesoftwareservers.com/index.php/* to https://www.freesoftwareservers.com/wiki

2) Redirect all https://www.freesoftwareservers.com/(Anything BUT /wiki) to https://www.freesoftwareservers.com/wiki

I found something close on NginX site, but it was more complicated that what I need and I was having trouble with the expression needed.


Here’s a sample NGINX rewrite rule that uses the rewrite directive. It matches URLs that begin with the string /download and then include the /media/ or /audio/ directory somewhere later in the path. It replaces those elements with /mp3/ and adds the appropriate file extension, .mp3 or .ra. The $1 and $2 variables capture the path elements that aren’t changing. As an example, /download/cdn-west/media/file1 becomes /download/cdn-west/mp3/file1.mp3.

server {
    rewrite ^(/download/.*)/media/(.*)\..*$ $1/mp3/$2.mp3 last;
    rewrite ^(/download/.*)/audio/(.*)\..*$ $1/mp3/$2.ra  last;
    return  403;

Perhaps I need to split this into 2 parts, a server block that returns 404 and a 404 handler, but I'd like to keep this all in my existing nginx server block.

BTW I am already using the following rewrite rule to redirect domain.com/ to domain.com/wiki, but that only works if you type https://www.freesoftwareservers.com without anything at the end.

rewrite     ^/$ /wiki permanent;

Any help is appreciated, there are many broken links to my site floating around the interweb :)

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Well as soon as I posted a Bounty, I figured it out while I was writing a better description for my question...

rewrite ^/index.php /wiki permanent;

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