In any text mode, from the GRUB menu loading, through booting, and also in any VT other than the one where X is running, text scrolling is abysmally slow (several seconds for a dense screenful of text). Is it possible that I need to install/enable VESA or some other driver in addition to the nvidia one I'm using already for these modes to work properly? And could it be related to the following error message from journalctl:

kernel: NVRM: Your system is not currently configured to drive a VGA console on the primary VGA device. The NVIDIA Linux graphics driver requires the use of a text-mode VGA console. Use of other console drivers including, but not limited to, vesafb, may result in corruption and stability problems, and is not supported.

I've tried adding the nvidia module to the ramdisk and setting `GRUB_GFXMODE=640x480.

Update: After switching to the Nouveau driver everything after the GRUB menu is fast, but not the GRUB menu itself. Much less of an issue, but would be nice to know why it's slow to start with.

This is also an issue on a new HiDPI laptop with Intel HD Graphics 520 - GRUB is slow, boot menu is slow, but once I'm in a window manager xterm+bash is super fast.

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