I am using Arch Linux with Gnome and I want to use openconnect to connect to an VPN server. I can do this at the command-line without a problem, but I can't do this with Gnome; I get the following error:

NetworkManager[589]: <error> [1475998103.4381] vpn-connection[0x28a9530,dc5d3708-967d-4e50-90ac-d0c892fe8ab3,"nm-vpn-connection.c",0]: Failed to request VPN secrets #3: No agents were available for this request.

The ArchLinux Wiki suggests to do:

ln -s /usr/lib/networkmanager/nm-openconnect-auth-dialog /usr/lib/gnome-shell/

but this also does not solve the problem.

The problem occurs when I click on connect; I am unable to activate the VPN connection with Gnome and NetworkManager.


In my case (In Debian 9 by Gnome 3.2) selecting the password option "Store the password for all users" in the VPN settings got it working. All other options produce the mentioned error.

  • Same for me on Ubuntu 18.04. Although in my case I also had to reboot. – Caoilte Jun 20 at 11:55

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