I have created a long running screen session with many windows and the C-a A command to rename a window is not working. What is the text command for renaming a window?

I have tried :caption string windowname but it doesn't work. Is that the right command or am I missing something?


That is the title command, e.g,.

:title bad-window

In the manual:

title [windowtitle]

Set the name of the current window to windowtitle. If no name is specified, screen prompts for one. This command was known as aka in previous releases.

If the shortcut is not working, of course, the long name may not work either.

  • The shortcut was not working but the title command worked. Something must have happened to screen's key handling. How many windows can be run within screen – vfclists Oct 7 '16 at 9:50
  • I had become so accustomed to C-a A that I had forgotten that there was command line alternative – vfclists Oct 7 '16 at 13:30

Also there is a very simple handy cheat-sheet designed for screen using its own help command‌ (Ctrl + a:help or Ctrl + a ?) which helps to remember all shortcuts and their actions:

In your case the shortcut key A is assigned to keyword title on its help. (Just needs to remember all documented shortcut keys require to press Ctrl+a or (C-a) before being pressed.)

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