I am on Linux Mint 18 and would like to fully check the root filesystem.

My current idea is to boot into initramfs and run fsck -f /dev/sdb2

I am able to get to recovery console, and therefore grub.


This should be possible, for example if your initrd was created using dracut:


Additional dracut boot parameters

The following boot parameters are also available to further assist with debugging boot issues.

rd.shell Drop to a shell, if the initramfs fails.


Drop the shell on defined breakpoint (use egrep 'rd.?break' /usr/lib/dracut/modules.d/99base/init.sh to find the breakpoints supported by your dracut version)

However, since initrd is usually very limited and uncomfortable I would install a rescue image, like SystemRescueCd and boot it via additional bootloader entry:


  • Booting from an alternate medium (CD,USB) is indeed far more user-comfortable...but not always available: in the case of desktops, you can hit a locked down boot sequence, in small devices (RPi), an alternative boot method may not exist. Initramfs can save you in such cases (in this case, if it even contains fsck; mostly it will, but it's not automatically there). – Piskvor Mar 6 at 9:26

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