I am trying to install mod-mono for apache so that I can run C# asp.net websites from my server. The project I have is a .net 4 project.

When I go into yast and select apache2-mod-mono for install it then says there is a problem that needs resolving. The problem is:

nothing provides libc.so.6(GLIC_2.11)(64bit) needed by mono-core-2.10.1-32.1.x86_64

Yast suggests the solutions are either:

  • do not install apache2-mod-mono
  • break mono-core by ignoring some of its dependencies.

I assume if I select break mono-core by breaking it dependencies that mono isn't going to work correctly anyway so this isn't really a solution.

How do I get around this issue.

I am running openSUSE 11.2 (x86_64)

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Check this askubuntu topic on /lib/libc.so.6 missing(?). Maybe it's the same way here. Check where is mono-core-2.10.1-32.1.x86_64 looking for libc.so.6 and find, locate or whatever for libc.so.6.

Maybe it's already on your computer and you just need to update ld.so.conf or create symlink.

(I assume you are on x86_64 system)

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