CTRL+_ is used to do UNDO in console; is it possible to map that another key combination like CMD + Z?

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Yes, but that depends on your shell. In bash, you have to use bind:

$ bind '\C-t':undo

This will bind Ctrl-t to undo. Note that you cannot bind Ctrl-z in most terminal emulators. Refer to help bind for more information.

If you want the current list of all key bindings, use bind -P | grep -v "not found".

In zsh, you have to use bindkey:

$ bindkey '\C-t' undo

Keep in mind that you probably want to remove the old bindings for whatever key you'll choose. For example, \C-t is bound to transpose-chars.

In case you're wondering where all those combinations come from: Emacs. See man 1 bash, section "Readline Command Names" for more information.

  • You actually can bind Ctrl-z in zsh. Also, this does not depend on the terminal emulator, but on the shell. While a terminal emulator might prevent Ctrl-z from being used, I think it unlikely that any terminal emulator actually does do this, as this is shortcut is generally used to send SIGSTOP to the running process.
    – Adaephon
    Oct 10, 2016 at 13:53
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    The "inability" to bind Ctrl+z or Ctrl+c is because the terminal intercepts these and sends signals instead, thus the shell does not see these characters. But if you bind Ctrl+z (or Ctrl+c) and reconfigure the terminal (e.g. stty susp ^Y intr ^U) then the binding(s) will work. Aug 9 at 5:54
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    @Adaephon, that's SIGTSTP sent to the foreground process group / job, not "SIGSTOP sent to the running process". Aug 9 at 6:05

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