I've been tweaking my conky config and getting the error

conky: llua_do_call: function conky_cpu execution failed: attempt to call a nil value

The function conky_cpu resides in ~/.conky_cpu.lua. That feels strange to me because conky works fine when the .conky_part.lua is not loaded. Moreover, the same error happens even when the .conky_part.lua is empty.

lua_load = '~/.conky_cpu.lua',
lua_load = '~/.conky_part.lua',
  • You could add a print(conky_cpu) at various parts of the lua code to see if it gets changed at all. – meuh Oct 4 '16 at 16:02
  • @meuh you mean some kind of cache there? I've never seen that before when loading an empty files gives you errors. – sitilge Oct 4 '16 at 19:37
  • Without any code, or configuration you changed, it is very hard to help you. – Jakuje Oct 10 '16 at 17:32

I had similar problems trying to load multiple Lua files, finally stumbling onto the following, which worked:

lua_load = '~/.conky_cpu.lua ~/.conky_part.lua',

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