Currently if i press Super+Space, gnome desktop will pop up 2 language selections set by Input Sources from gnome-control-center. Then why not it pop up 3 languages selection set by Input Method section from ibus-setup instead ?

enter image description here

What's the difference between both ?

My platform is Kali Linux 2016.2, GNOME Shell 3.22.0, and IBus 1.5.11.


It should be noted that only Input Source from gnome-control-center affects the input

Also, not all input sources that appear actually work, e.g. cangjie3, cangjie5, cangjie-big don't work for me, only cangjie (mn17n) worked for me.

Hence, if your Intelligent Pinyin didn't work for you, try using GooglePinyin which worked for me.

For the ibus-preferences, I was still able to use my cangjie (mn17n) even if there was nothing in Input Methods

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