I've been using the French (Canada) keyboard for a while now but recently, the key combinations I've been using to write accented characters have stopped working.

Usually, when writing accented characters, I'd press an accent key followed by a letter key to get the character. For example:

`, e = è

^, i = î

¸, c = ç

However, for a couple of days now, the combinations don't work. Instead of the expected output, I get:

`, e = `e

^, i = ^i

¸, c = ¸c

To fix the problem, I tried to restore the keyboard parameters to default but nothing changed. I also tried to use the compose key but no success.

compose +`, e = e

compose +^, i = i

compose +¸, c = c

Is there a way to restore this function to the keyboard? Did a config file get changed, causing this behavior?


OS : Linux Mint 18 Cinnamon 64-bit
Laptop : Asus K56CM

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I had the same problem yesterday: neither dead keys nor compose key input methods were working on GTK based applications like gedit. Then I found this answer: Dead keys suddenly stopped working in GTK applications which suggested doing apt-get install ibus. That solved the problem for me!

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