I am having issues with the gnome network manager and I have always liked the wicd network manager.

I have already tried to reconfigure using dpkg --reconfigure to no avail. So I would like to just switch over, but I want to do it cleanly so that bootup doesn't look for .conf settings from network manager.

Also I have already installed wicd so that I can actually use the internet. I Any help, especially command line reference would be greatly appreciated.


According to Archlinux-wiki , To use WICD you need to disable other network daemons (netctl, netcfg, dhcpcd, NetworkManager)

Warning: Running multiple network managers will cause problems, so it is important to disable all other network management daemons.

First, stop all previously running network daemons (like netctl, netcfg, dhcpcd, NetworkManager). Disable any existing network management services, including netctl, netcfg, dhcpcd, and networkmanager

You can find a list of the currently running services with systemctl --type=service and then stop them.

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