I have two laptops, the old one running manjaro, but I use the new one and it's running windows 10, I want to run some Linux distro on it but I can't, my wireless card gives me many problems that I had no choice but reinstalling windows 10.

The output of lspci -knn | grep Net -A2 is:

02:00.0 Network controller [0280]: Broadcom Limited BCM43142 802.11b/g/n [14e4:4365] (rev 01)
Subsystem: Hewlett-Packard Company BCM43142 802.11b/g/n [103c:804a]
Kernel driver in use: wl

My question: Is there a chance that different distros have different drivers? For instance Manjaro supported my wireless driver on the old laptop while linux mint didn't.


Assuming you have installed yaourt and base-devel ,to get the wifi working under Manjaro , you need to install the broadcom-wl-dkms package from AUR:

yaourt -S  broadcom-wl-dkms

Then unload conflicting drivers :

rmmod b43
rmmod ssb
rmmod bcma

Reload the right driver:

modprobe -r wl
modprobe wl

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