I often do this:

scp some_file really@long.server.name.com

I'm annoyed by this because I always copy-paste this line, and then I need to edit the middle to change the file I want to upload.

Is it possible to tinker with this line so the file name will be at the end and it'll still work?

Basically I want any string of characters that I can paste into a shell, then type a file name and have it upload the file with scp to the server.


One of possible solutions:

(read FILE_NAME; scp "$FILE_NAME" really@long.server.name.com) <<< some_file

Why not make a super-simple script? Just edit a file named say myscp containing

scp $1 really@long.server.name.com

and then chmod +x myscp, so that later you can simply

./myscp some_file

This is all assuming your myscp script is located at the current directory, otherwise add the path

/path/to/myscp some_file

or better yet, add the path of the location and this and -hopefully- future scripts to your $path.


Add to the end of your .bashrc or equivalent for your shell:

my_function_name() {
    if [ -r "$1" ]; then
        scp "$1" really@long.server.name.com
        echo "File does not exists or can not be read, $1" >&2
        return 1

Change my_function_name to your needs.

Now you can just invoke the function by name and pass a file as argument and it will be tested for read access and run scp with it or quit if can not read it.

Note that I used return instead of exit because it will be loaded by your interactive shell, and if you use exit the shell will terminate.


Use ssh_config to shorten your really@long.server.name.com. Create a file ~/.ssh/config with

Host alias
  HostName long.server.name.com
  User really

and then connect simply using scp some_file alias.


No, you can't change the order of the parameters without wrapping it in a shell script, but you could...

scp some_file $R
scp other_file $R

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