I have a dynamic Wordpress website with multiple plugins, installed over an AWS EC2 t2.micro Instance with a Linux Ubuntu 16.04.

At some point of working on the admin panel on different occasions, the website becomes extremely slow. I Installed netdata here for an easier way of monitoring the CPU performance. It seems that the steal time out is eating up the CPU even sometimes if I stopped working on the website completely. When I checked top command to track the processes, I found out that Kswapd0 is taking from 95% - 100% of the CPU whenever I am running on the website, Check here: Performance Screenshot.

When I searched the issue and followed the steps here to make sure that the swap only starts being used when there is 0% left memory using the following command : echo vm.swappiness=0 | sudo tee -a /etc/sysctl.confnothing changed.

I read that it might be because I am using a micro instance and multiple people are facing this issue as well, I do not mind increasing the instance if this is the issue and pay for a small or medium instance but I just need to make sure of that before launching the website.

Any help on this? I am new to this so please let me know if there is supposed to be any further information in order to be able to find a solution.

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    You don't have to guess. Look at your CPU credit balance graph for the instance, in the console. When you have no credits, or very few credits, this is the expected, normal behavior. Most likely, "multiple people are facing this issue" because they don't read the documentation. – Michael - sqlbot Sep 30 '16 at 22:33
  • Please don't post an image next time - text is much easier for people to search and doesn't need enlarging. – cutrightjm Oct 1 '16 at 0:14

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