we have redhat version - 6 ( VM machine ) that run under VM vsphere client 5.5.0

we want to install the VM ware tools on the linux machine

from this site ( vmware site )

we see many RPM that belong to vmware tools

how to know which RPM need to download? , in order to perform from scratch vmware tools installation

enter image description here


vmware-tools-core-XX.el6.x86_64 -> need dependency by example ( vmware-tools-foundation >= 0:X.X.X vmware-tools-libraries-nox = 0:X.X.XX vmware-tools-guestlib = 0:X.X.XX )

I would choose all vmware-tools-* package in this directory and better choose the last repository vmware for vmware_esx55 and install it (the dependancy will be find by yum with a yum localinstall if rpm or by yum install vmware-tools-* if you have add the new depot).

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