I am trying to download some debian packages and their dependencies in a directory.

I tried using the command aptitude download <package_name> it downloaded the package without its dependencies.

How do I tell it to download the dependencies too?

  • This seems to be a duplicate of this. Will the accepted answer work in your case? – maulinglawns Sep 29 '16 at 6:35

You can use apt-rdepends to build the complete set of dependencies (recursively), including the main package, then download that:

apt-get download $(apt-rdepends "${package}" | grep -v ^\ )

(replacing "${package}" of course).


A rather hackish way to do that is to have another utility (apt-cache in this example) list the package's dependencies:

# PACKAGE=nautilus; aptitude download $PACKAGE $(apt-cache depends "$PACKAGE" | grep Depends | awk -F ': ' '{print $NF}' | xargs)

Easier Way

aptitude -d -o Dir::Cache:archives=/home/alex/aptitude-test/ install alsaplayer for exampel.

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