While installing Ubuntu 16.04 I decided to take the option of encrypting my home directory. I also use ssh key-only authorization, as password logins are disabled for security.

I was able to solve the "not being able to log in because .ssh/authorized_keys" issue using this: https://stephen.rees-carter.net/thought/encrypted-home-directories-ssh-key-authentication. In summary:

sudo vim ~/.profile

and then entering

cd /home/username

But now, X11 forwarding over ssh is broken. It appears the MMC (MIT Magic Cookie) .Xauthority file is not making it into the un-encrypted home directory.


My initial thought is to modify ~/.profile to read:

cp /home/$USERNAME/.Xauthority /temp/$USERNAME
cd /home/username
mv /temp/$USERNAME/.Xauthority /home/$USERNAME

Where /temp is a directory that is owned by $USERNAME and has 700 permissions. I am not sure how secure this option is though.

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  • Aside from the lack of encryption, I don't see any security concerns with that. – joeytwiddle Sep 29 '16 at 3:41
  • For clarity, I would be tempted to use /home/$USERNAME.unencrypted/ instead of /temp/$USERNAME – joeytwiddle Sep 29 '16 at 3:41

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