I use screen with a configuration that allows me to see the name of the tabs on the bottom of the screen. I've used this configuration for many years, on many different hosts.

I installed screen on a CentOS 7 machine. I use this .screenrc on another CentoOS machine, and it works as expected. The .screenrc is being used on the new CentOS machine, I can tell by the way the window looks (colors, bar at the bottom). But one thing is not working as expected. I can change the window title by pressing control-A, A, and typing in the title. However, on the new CentOS machine, the old (default, e.g. bash) title will come back after I've exited a program, vim for instance.

What might cause this?

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If you are using xterm, screen can save/restore the title using two different methods:

  • control sequences for explicitly setting and getting the title
  • control sequences for stacking/unstacking the title.

Both sets of control sequences can be disabled using the disallowedWindowOps resource, and either set could explain the behavior reported.

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