I want to make CTRL + ALT act like AltGr, and from this post (1st answer):


I have gotten to the point where I have the level3 file open i gedit.. So I have to change the key <RALT> to CTRL + ALT, but how do I specify that the two keys need to be pressed? key<LCTL + LALT> or <LCTL> <LALT> or what?

Running Linux Mint 18 Sarah 64-bit Cinnamon if that is of any significance.

Would really appreciate if anyone could help me with this :)

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I got this working using a combination of xbindkeys and xvkbd. You need to install both of these packages to make my solution work.

sudo apt-get install xbindkeys
xbindkeys --defaults > /home/your-user-name/.xbindkeysrc
sudo apt-get install xvkbd

You will need to open the .xbindkeysrc file in a text-editor for example gedit .xbindkeysrc You can then just remove the entire content of that file and type:

"xvkbd -xsendevent -text "{"" m:0xc + c:16 Control+Alt + 7

This will make CTRL + ALT + 7 type {

Just follow this pattern for 8,9,0 or whatever keys you want to change up and you won't even remember that CTRL + ALT didn't work. The only place this does not work is in the terminal. I would still be interested for a solution in xkbd but just thought I would add this here so that other people with this problem find a solution :)

  • It also does not work in Remmina RDP connections - neither from nor to the device where xbindkeys is set up. Commented Apr 14 at 13:33

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