I am using terminator with zsh as my shell:

terminator --command="/bin/zsh"

Additionally, I need another way to start terminator with zsh and make sure that the window does not close on ctrl+d.

I know that I can use set -o ignoreeof inside .zshrc to prevent ctrl+d exiting the terminal. But that will affect all zsh shells.

I don't want to change this globally. One way that I think would be possible, is to have two separate configuration files. But than I would have to maintain two files instead of one. Is there a simpler way to start zsh with set -o ignoreeof enabled? perhaps specifying this as an option on the commandline?


You virtually answered your own question. Just run:

terminator --command='/bin/zsh -o ignoreeof'


info zsh Invocation

for details on how to invoke zsh.


One way to do this is to have terminator set some environment variable (if it does not already)

env HI_IMA_TERMINATOR=1 terminator --command="/bin/zsh"

and then detect that in the ZSH configuration file:

if [[ -n $HI_IMA_TERMINATOR ]]; then
    set -o ignoreeof

(The above method will not fly if terminator cleans out the env for security or other reasons.)

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