I am experiencing a weird behavior on CentOS 7.1. I have enabled saving the coredump by setting the following values

  • OpenGPGCheck = no

  • ProcessUnpackaged = yes

in abrt-action-save-package-data.conf. If I now run my app that causes the coredump the coredump is saved in /var/tmp/abrt/ccpp-timestamp/coredump.

I then noticed that for some reason after a few coredumps old coredumps are overwritten by the new coredumps. So I decided to set the core limit to unlimited by adding

myUserName       soft      core      unlimited

in /etc/security/limits.conf.

But what I noticed is that adding this line causes the coredump to be saved in the directory where I have my application running.

I have not modified any other file, like /proc/sys/kernel/core_pattern or sysctl.conf.

I'd like to know why the location of the coredump is changed.

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