• Debian Wheezy Kernel 3.11.6
  • Atmel SAM9x25
  • Mono 3.2.8
  • SD card with ext4 partition

I got following message error when I booted my mono application:

root@net-231:/opt/programm# [ 6061.078125] EXT4-fs error (device 

mmcblk0p2): ext4_free_inode:319: comm rm: bit already cleared for inode 48113
[ 6067.031250] EXT4-fs error (device mmcblk0p2): mb_free_blocks:1426: group 0, block 8307:freeing already freed block (bit 8307)
[ 6067.039062] EXT4-fs error (device mmcblk0p2): ext4_mb_generate_buddy:755: group 0, 9355 clusters in bitmap, 9356 in gd


  • What does that error mean exactly?
  • What can cause such an error?
  • Is it possible to automatically fix such errors?

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