GUI approach to start wireless hotspot (that comes with package) is well-known.

How can I start Wireless hotspot (that comes with package) via a CLI in RHEL 7.2?

(There are 3rd party options which are known and documented and have their CLI guides. )


To create and start hotspot from the CLI , there are many ways :


Pre-requisites : install dnsmasq and hostapd (All linux distro) , under RHEL based distro run:

yum install hostapd
yum install dnsmasq

Then you need to install hotspotd:

wget https://github.com/prahladyeri/hotspotd/raw/master/dist/hotspotd-0.1.tar.gz
cd hotspotd-0.1.4
sudo python setup.py install

Once done run start hotspotd

sudo hotspotd start

First time you are invited to type your SSID and your Password , next time the command sudo hotspotd start will start the saved configuration automatically.

To stop the hotspot run:

sudo hotspotd stop

nmtui (Without adding 3rd party tools)

You can configure and start the through nmtui:

To configure the AP, open the terminal and run : nmtui:

Choose edit connection then add , choose wifi scroll down and modify the Mod to Access Point :

To start the Hotspot run nmtui command from the terminal, choose Activate a connexion then select your the SSID of your AP and choose Activate/Desactivate.

                       ┌─┤ NetworkManager TUI ├──┐                          
                       │                         │                          
                       │ Please select an option │                          
                       │                         │                          
                       │ Edit a connection       │                          
                       │ Activate a connection   │                          
                       │ Set system hostname     │                          
                       │                         │                          
                       │ Quit                    │                          
                       │                         │                          
                       │                    <OK> │                          
                       │                         │                          
  • This is about adding a 3rd party tool. Anyway to start wifi hotspot which is in-built inside rhel 7.2 package? – GC 13 Sep 23 '16 at 14:13
  • @GC13 you can run nmtui without installing anything – GAD3R Sep 23 '16 at 14:16

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