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What about the scenario where you want to print and store the output in a file at the same time? I cannot seem to make this functionality work. I can get it to send to the printer, send to a text file, but I cannot get it to do both at the same time for each print job encountered. My simple of: file in /etc/printcap is:


Filter for HP Printing to do 10 pitch printing

echo "\033E\033&l0o\033(8U\033(s0p10h12v0s0b3T\033&k3G\033&s0C\c" 


echo "\033E\c"


I simply added to the cat command cat>>/usr/myname/store_the_text.txt. It will not do both.


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I'm not sure I fully understand the situation but here is at script which will store and print any input:

#! /bin/bash
tee >( cat > arch.$(date +%s).lpd ) | lp

I call it storeandprint and tested it with:

ls | storeandprint

The trick is the process-substitution with >( ... ). tee will send output to this >()-file and to stdout.

  • ok, I understand the concept, but am struggling with the syntax. I cannot use bash - using /bin/sh. Can you give me the /bin/sh command?
    – user191218
    Sep 22, 2016 at 17:44

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